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Aesthetic Nose and Nasal Collapse Causes and Treatment Methods

Our nose is at the centre of our face and greatly affects our overall appearance. Some people may be dissatisfied with the shape and structure of their nose, and this is why aesthetic nose surgery, i.e. rhinoplasty, is popular as a way to solve these problems. Sometimes, however, a collapse in the appearance of the nose may occur after rhinoplasty. In this article, we will discuss why an aesthetic nose can collapse and whether it is possible to treat this problem.

Why Does Aesthetic Nose Collapse?

An aesthetic nose should have a natural appearance after surgery. However, sometimes the nose may collapse for several reasons:

Cartilage Weakness: During rhinoplasty, the nasal cartilage is shaped and sometimes these cartilages can be weakened or over-shaped, which can lead to collapse of the nose over time.

Loss of Support: During cosmetic nose surgery, the tip of the nose or the back of the nose may undergo loss of supportive tissue, which can cause the nose to collapse.

Inadequate Healing: Tissue healing after rhinoplasty may be inadequate and this may lead to an unstable nose shape.

Is There Treatment for Collapsed Nose with Aesthetics?

If an aesthetic nose has collapsed, don’t worry, because treatment options are available. Here are ways to address this problem:

Revision Rhinoplasty: If collapse has occurred after the first cosmetic nose surgery, a revision rhinoplasty may be required. This means reshaping the nasal tissues and regaining the desired appearance.

Filler Injections: In some cases, nasal collapse can be corrected with fillers. When administered hygienically and safely, fillers can recreate the nasal line.

Intranasal Moaners: Another option is the use of intranasal hummers. These moaners can help support the structure of the nose.

An aesthetic nose should provide a natural and balanced appearance. Sometimes, however, the nose may collapse. In this case, a professional plastic surgeon or nasal specialist should diagnose the problem and recommend appropriate treatment. As Estart Health Group, we can help you to solve your aesthetic nose problems. Whether it is revision rhinoplasty or filler injections, you can contact us to determine the most suitable treatment for you. Remember, an aesthetic nose is always possible and achievable.

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