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Before and After Breast Aesthetic Operation

Breast aesthetic operations are a common cosmetic surgery option that aims to change or reshape the appearance of women’s breasts. There are some important factors to consider before and after these operations. Here is the guide listed in items before and after breast aesthetic operation:

Before the Operation:

1. Choosing a Specialist Doctor:

– Make sure that your doctor who will perform breast aesthetic surgery is an experienced and certified plastic surgeon.

– Check your references and evaluate your doctor’s skills by examining previous patient photos.

2. Determining the Type of Operation:

– Breast aesthetic operations can be of different types such as breast augmentation (breast implants), breast reduction, breast lift or breast reshaping.

– It is important to determine the result you want and share it with your doctor.

3. Health Assessment:

– Your doctor will examine your health history and current health status. If there are health problems, they should be treated before the operation.

4. Postoperative Expectations:

– Share your expectations after the operation with your doctor. You should have information about the results of the breast aesthetic operation and the healing process.

After the Operation:

1. Recovery Period:

– The recovery period after the operation may vary from person to person. Be careful to rest and follow your doctor’s recommendations.

2. Pain and Discomfort:

– Some pain and discomfort after the operation is normal. Use the painkillers recommended by your doctor.

3. Stitches and Wound Care:

– If you have stitches, care for them according to your doctor’s instructions. Take care of the stitches to minimise scars.

4. Size and Shape Changes:

– The results of breast aesthetic operations may not be fully visible at first. Changes in breast size and shape will become more apparent over time.

5. Supportive Underwear:

– Wearing supportive underwear for the period recommended by your doctor supports the postoperative healing process.

6. Physical Activities:

– Avoid heavy physical activities for a certain period of time after the operation. Return to exercises as long as your doctor allows.

7. Doctor Checks:

– It is important to go to regular doctor controls after the operation to monitor the results of the operation and to quickly recognise possible problems.

Careful preparation and care before and after breast aesthetic operations help you achieve the desired result and have a comfortable post-operative recovery process. Taking every step according to your doctor’s recommendations is the key to a successful breast aesthetic experience.

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