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Ear Aesthetic Procedure and Application Age

Ear aesthetics, i.e. otoplasty, is a surgical procedure that aims to correct the shape or position of the ear. This procedure is especially common in children and young people. Here are the things you need to know about the ear aesthetic procedure and the age of application:

What is Ear Aesthetic Procedure?

1. Purpose:

– Ear aesthetic procedure is designed for individuals who are not satisfied with the shape or position of the ears. Generally, flared ears, oversized ears, or other ear abnormalities are corrected.

2. Surgical Procedure:

– Ear surgery is usually performed under local anaesthesia. The surgeon reshapes the ear cartilage and gives the ears a more natural appearance.

Application Age and Ideal Time:

1. Application in Children:

– Ear aesthetics can also be applied in children. Generally, it can be intervened when children’s ears are fully grown, that is, from the age of 5-6.

– At this age, children undergo this surgical procedure before they have negative experiences such as frequent ridicule or bullying.

2. Adolescence Period:

– Adolescence is an ideal time for ear aesthetics. Usually, the ears of adolescents are fully developed and they may want this type of operation at this age.

3. Adults:

– Ear aesthetic procedure is also suitable for adults. You can undergo this procedure at any age.

After Surgical Procedure:

1. Recovery Process:

– Mild pain, swelling and bruising may occur after the ear aesthetic procedure. The healing process may differ from person to person.

– By following the instructions given by your doctor, you can recover successfully.

2. Results:

– As a result of the ear aesthetic procedure, you will have a more natural and desired ear shape. The results are permanent.

3. Stitches and Scars:

– If you have stitches after the ear aesthetic procedure, you should not touch the stitches for the period recommended by your doctor. Scars decrease over time and become almost invisible. Ear aesthetic procedure can increase self-confidence and improve quality of life. Following your doctor’s recommendations before and after the procedure will help you achieve the best results. This procedure, which can be applied at any age, can contribute to the person feeling happier and more comfortable.

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