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It is the process of injecting the fat to the areas with volume loss in the face. This loss occurs due to aging or some other genetic factors. The fat is taken from the body areas with excess fat tissue through liposuction. Fat injection is among the most natural and most effective methods for skin rejuvenation. In the application of fat injection to the face, the face can be considered as a whole and fat injections can be made to the cheeks, forehead, cheek-lip line, chin, lips and other areas seen fit.

Operation duration1 hour
Hospital stay1 night
Recovery duration5-7 days
Istanbul stay duration5 days

Frequently asked questions

Fat injection to the face can be applied to almost any part of the face. Fat injection can be done to fill the mid-forehead and temporal region wrinkles, under-eye and chin volume deficiencies, to fill the cheek vacancies and the nasal ridge irregularities.

Fat injection is a cell transfer procedure and some of these cells die while they are being taken from the body, transported and filtered. For this specific reason, approximately 40% of the injected fat survive.

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