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Jug ear operation is the plastic surgery done in order to correct the part of the auricle opening that is showing from the skull more than normal and becoming very prominent. Jug ear, which emerges as a problem eversince childhood, can lead to self-confidence issues and psychological traumas. With a surgery that is considered quite simple, a result that will please the patients both socially, aesthetically and psychologically is obtained.

Operation duration1 hour
Hospital stay1 night
Recovery duration5-7 days
Istanbul stay duration5 days
Corset use duration4 weeks

Frequently asked questions

In order to prevent the trauma that the child can go through at school, jug ear correction surgery can be performed starting from the pre-school period.

Since it is an operation performed behind the ear, there will be no obvious scar. The scar behind the ear fades over time and becomes less detectable.

General anesthesia is used for children. Local anesthesia is used for adults.

  • Compressed bandage is used for the first 5 days after the procedure. It is recommended to use plasters for 4 weeks after bandage dressing removal.
  • Swelling and redness can be noticed in the ear for the first 3-5 days after the operation. It will return to normal afterwards.
  • You can go back to your normal life 5-7 days after the operation.
  • All the stitches are esthetic and melt away which is why we won’t be removing any of them after the operation.
  • You should use Thiocilline cream on the incission line for the first 10 days post operation and use Siliscar cream afterwards for two months to reduce the appearance of the scar.

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