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Multiple dental implants treatment is one of the best methods for patients who have more than one missing tooth. It is also the most ideal way to achieve a natural tooth appearance. The implants are put in depending on the patient’s jaw’s bone structure. These implants are stable and can bear the load of more than one natural tooth. That is why in order to replace three or four missing teeth, two implants can be applied and then these implants can be connected with a bridge to replace the 3 or 4 missing teeth. The minimum number of dental implants and the maximum number of crowns that these implants will be able to carry is decided by the dentist and the most appropriate treatment plan is created for the patient accordingly. When putting in multiple dental implants, titanium screws are placed into the bone and they are kept for 3 months in order for them to fuse. During this healing period, temporary crowns is put on. The permanent crowns are selected according to the color of your natural teeth in order for it to give a natural apperance. After the healing period, the permanent crowns are placed over a 1 week period of time.

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