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Implants are artificial dental screws used in the replacement of lost teeth and placed inside the jawbone. A crown is put on top of these screws. The implant acts as a tooth root and with the crown they will act like your natural tooth. The best method for a single tooth loss is a single implant. With the single implant method, the neighboring teeth don’t get damaged, only the problematic tooth is treated. A single dental implant functions as a natural tooth and is almost identical to the natural tooth. Through the single tooth implant, the titanium screw is first placed into the bone and given a period of 3 months in order for the screw to fuse in. During this healing period, a temporary crown is put on. The permanent crown is selected according to the color of your natural teeth in order for it to give a natural apperance. After the healing period, a permanent crown is placed over a 1 week period of time.

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