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The air spaces in the skull, which have the task of reducing the weight of the head and ensuring that the sounds come out properly, are called sinuses. When the maxillary posterior region teeth fall, the sinuses above this region expand due to the effect of air pressure. This leads to the thinning of the bone underneath, which limits the amount of bone left in which the implants should be put in that specific region. The surgical elevation of the sinus floor in order to increase the amount of bone is called sinus lifting. Thanks to this process, sufficient volume is created for the length and width of the implant, which must be fully inserted into the bone. Sinus lifting operation is a procedure that is usually performed under local anesthesia. The sinus area that is meant to be removed is reached through the mouth through a small window opened over the gingiva in that zone. After the sinus membrane covering the inside of the sinus is raised to the desired level, bone powder and grafting are put in and the area is closed with sutures.

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