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Complications and Monitoring After Plastic Surgery Operations

Plastic surgery operations are procedures performed for aesthetic and reconstructive reasons and usually aim to improve the appearance or functionality of patients. However, just like other surgical procedures, plastic surgery operations have some risks. In this article, we will examine potential complications after plastic surgery and how to monitor them.

Possible Complications After Surgery:

Infections: Postoperative infections can lead to serious problems that can be caused by the surgical wound. Therefore, postoperative hygiene and wound care are of great importance.

Bleeding: Bleeding may occur during or after surgery. Your doctor will assess this risk to monitor the postoperative period and intervene when necessary.

Scar Problems: Scar formation after surgery is inevitable, but some patients may worry that these scars look bad. There are different treatment options for scar correction.

Anaesthesia Reactions: Reactions to the anaesthetic used during surgery are rare but can occur. The anaesthesiologist takes the necessary precautions to minimise this risk.

Sensory Loss or Neurological Problems: Some surgeries are related to structures close to nerves and may rarely cause loss of sensation or neurological problems.

Postoperative Monitoring:

Regular Examinations: In the postoperative period, it is important to attend regular examinations as recommended by your doctor. In these examinations, scarring and complications are monitored.

Monitoring the Recovery Process: The postoperative healing process may be different for each patient. Your doctor determines your specific recovery plan and closely monitors this process.

Symptoms of Complications: If you notice any abnormal condition after surgery, you should contact your doctor immediately. You should pay attention to issues such as signs of infection, excessive bleeding or scarring problems.

Patient Education: Patient education before and after surgery can help you understand the healing process and recognise potential problems in advance.

Although complications after plastic surgery are rare, they have risks and proper monitoring and care are important to minimise these risks. Following your doctor’s recommendations will make the postoperative period safer and more successful.

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